St. Johns, Orange: iMatter Organizational Handbook

Imagine if your garden variety large company decided to do away with a CEO and instead create a base of Vice Presidents to run the planning and operations. Neat idea, right? Now, imagine that you have to find a way to communicate this change to the rest of the company. Do you do it in an email blast? A memo posted by the water cooler? Or do you spend some of your resources to make it a monumental switch that the rest of the company can collectively get excited about? In 2007, St. John’s Lutheran Church asked me to solve a similar problem for them. Having been around for more than 130 years, they reorganized their balance of power, so that individuals from within the church could rise up and take ownership of moving their goals forward for the congregation. My job was to communicate the new shift in responsibilities and share with members the rationale and implications of this shift. I created a piece called “iMatter” that used cell imagery to show how multiple pieces are connected to form a larger unit. You’ll see a handful of variations on the cover. Today, "iAnything" is a done-to-death marketing convention, but it wasn't quite as ubiquitous when they commissioned this project in 2007. From a communications vantage, it made the concept explicit that each member of the church could play his or her part in charting the church's course.

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