St. Johns, Orange, CA: Annual Concert Series (2 yrs)

I'm a big fan of campaigns. In short, I want things to match. That doesn’t mean that I always need to be wearing a one-color outfit or that everything in my office is washed in a single print- it means that peace comes from having ideas and elements organized in a logical manner. Having said that, you can imagine how I jumped at the chance to design a series of cards advertising an ongoing Choral Concert Series. In the past, these announcements had been made on black and white copies created in-house by an employee who probably had other duties. Convincing the client to go with glossy card stock and a campaign-based creative direction was a coup for us. Here, you’ll see two seasons of the campaigns. The real compliment is that the first run was so well received that they asked me to repeat the campaign the following year.

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