Roland US: Ads to commemorate 1Million amps sold

Have you ever considered what it would be like to sell 1M of a product? A million records is a platinum selling record, something that very few artists actually achieve. Now consider that the product is something more than music (an item universally loved by all mankind)- but rather applies to a niche market. An international company with corporate offices in both Japan and the US has sold one million guitar amps in their “Cube” amp line. As the name implies, it’s cube-shaped and comes in an assortment of models, ranging from a battery-powered practice amp to a stage-ready professional amplifier. Just about any electric guitar player can find the Cube Amp that fits his or her needs. So, to commemorate the sale of 1M of these amps, the company is running a year-long campaign. Here are the creative directions for the ads. Bear in mind that, of the ads below, two were chosen as the visual DNA.

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